SINCE 1960

Quality craftsmanship made in Italy

A story, a family and an impassioned commitment: the essence of our creations.

Design and expert craftsmanship at the service of unique prime quality products that totally lend themselves to customization: folding chairs, wood tables, deckchairs and home accessories.  Since1960, in our production plant of Corno di Rosazzo – Udine – we have satisfied our customers’ requirements, using nothing but excellent raw materials to hand craft furniture pieces that stand out for their artisanal quality.

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"Our company has always been deeply rooted in the manufacturing district known as the “Chair triangle” and has strived to satisfy the requirements of all Customers, no matter how demanding: from paint colour to fabric, both of which are available in a vast range of shades and with fire-retardant upholstery. We can assure you that our work commitment, quality and enthusiasm have remained unchanged in time.”
Giuseppe Pallavisini - Founder
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Furnishing solutions made to specification and customized down to the minimum detail.

Our competitive edge consists in total flexibility and a dynamic manufacturing approach, which can be adapted to any customer requirement. From the outset, our company has performed almost all phases of the manufacturing process in the plant of Corno di Rosazzo, Udine, in the traditional chair district. Only the frame painting and fabric sewing operations are entrusted to specialized partners located just a few kilometres away, enabling all processes to be closely monitored.

All exclusively Made in Italy.

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Our products

Unique furniture pieces produced with utmost care, down to the smallest detail.

tavoli e sedie da giardino

Folding chairs

Folding chairs in wood and fabric.

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Folding tables

Wood tables with fully customizable finishes.

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Deckchairs and sunbeds

Produced with prime quality materials.

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Home accessories

valet stands, suitcase stands, clothes hangers.

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Select the finishes and fabrics you prefer for your chairs, tables, deckchairs and accessories.
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